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Cults Essay -- essays research papers fc

  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The word cult is defined as an alternative religion. Most cults are started because someone doesn’t like the way the world is, and feels that his/her church isn’t doing anything to make it better, so they leave and create what they believe to be the perfect religion. Then this person strives to make others believe as they do so they will join (Miller, 1991, p. 15). There are somewhere around 3,000 to 5,000 of these cults throughout the United States, but only 75 to 100 are documented (Miller, 1991, p. 15-16). Satanism is the oldest form of such cults. A few other commonly known cults are Reverend Jim Jones and the People Temple, Heavens Gate, and Charles Manson and the Family. In the early 20th century, Allistar Crowly, AKA â€Å"The Black Pope†, started modern Satanism. It is said that Anton Lavey brought Satanism to the United States. Anton believed that he was the reincarnation of the â€Å"Black Pope†. He set his church up in San Francisco in 1966. Within one year Anton’s cult grew to more than 200,000 members (Miller, 1991, p. 28-29). Anton then went to Hollywood to help make movies about Satanism. He succeeded in doing so and was involved with the making of many movies including Rosmary’s Baby (Miller, 1991, p. 29). During this time Lavey and his assistant Michael Aquins wrote The Satanic Bible, which instantly became a best seller. The Satanic Bible told of the main concepts of Satanism. Basically, it is the reverse of Christianity. The main idea projected is â€Å"Do what thou will† (Miller, 1991, p. 31). One of the peculiar rituals of Satanist is the sacrifice of a newborn child. They believe that the newborn has a special power, and if they sacrifice the baby immediately after birth, that its power will go into the coven (Miller 1991, p. 33).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Reverend Jim Jones was the leader of The Peoples Temple. Jim thought of himself as the reincarnation of Jesus and Lenin. His vision of world domination was nuclear war, and the only cities that would survive are Ukiah, California and Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Because of this belief, he moved his cult to Ukiah and awaited the war (Cults R Us, 2000, September 27, p. 1). After awhile he grew tired of waiting for what he claimed would be â€Å"WW 3†, so he relocated his church to San Francisco. There he practiced a ritual know as â€Å"White Nights†. In this ritual members prepare... where to go first. Manson’s first victim was Terry Melcher. Several members of â€Å"The Family† went to his house and killed him. When they were finished they wrote â€Å"POLITICAL PIGGY† on a wall to make it look like the Black Panthers had committed the murder. The next victim was Cielo Drive. Once again several members of â€Å"The Family† went to her house and killed her. They killed five other people. One of the members wanted to cut a baby from the stomach of a pregnant woman they had killed and take it to Charles. She also thought about cutting out the baby’s heart and eating it (Cults R Us, 2000, p. 1). Manson’s antics were put to an end one day while â€Å"The Family† was out in the desert riding dun buggies where marshals arrested Charles and other members of the Cult (Cults R Us, 2000, p. 1). Statistics have shown that most Satanist lack self-confidence. They enter the religion because of the false sense of power and security it offers. Although   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Bibliography 1.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Cults R Us (2000, September 27) [online] Available: 2. Miller, M (1990). Coping With Cults. Rosen Publishing Group, INC. New York.

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Sub Prime Crisis

imeContent Page Sub prime crisis http://banking. about. com/od/mortgages/a/mortgagecrisis. htm http://www. lewrockwell. com/rozeff/rozeff203. html http://www. slideshare. net/satanic/subprime-crisis-presentation-785636 http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Causes_of_the_2007%E2%80%932012_global_financial_crisis http://www. investopedia. com/articles/economics/09/lehman-brothers-collapse. asp http://ezinearticles. com/? Merrill-Lynch-and-the-Subprime-Mortgage-Market&id=1600761 http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=kb6g3S4scy4 http://moneymorning. com/2008/09/22/credit-default-swaps-2/ ttp://money. cnn. com/2008/09/16/news/companies/aig_questions/index. htm http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Credit_rating_agencies_and_the_subprime_crisis Discuss the cause of the Sub-Prime crisis and the parties responsible for causing such a crisis. There were different complex factors that may have contributed to the Sub-prime crisis during 2008-2009. They were easily associated with the investment banks and governm ent sponsored enterprise, such as Fannie Mae, on how to have dealt with their liquidity issues and Subprime mortgage loans that got them back-fired.One of the largest contributors to the expansion of the high-risk-loans was Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. When majority of the banks first started off with low credit interest and easy conditions loans, property was seen as an appreciating asset. Banks offered adjustable-rate-mortgage (ARMs) and Subprime loans to all kind of people with good or bad credits scores as they wanted higher revenue when they resell the bundled subprime mortgages called the Collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) and Mortgages-backed securities (MBS) to the other Investors around the world.The subprime crisis had shaken Northern Rock bank so badly that they had a hard time seeking help to keep the business going. The British banks Lloyds TSB group Plc had bought over HBOS Plc whom is the largest mortgage loans lenders. Bradford & Bingley took control over by UK Go vernment while their branches were taken over by Spain’s Santander. Germany struggled to save Hypo Real Estate while Nomura Holdings Inc was being bought over by Lehman’s franchise in many countries such as Europe, Asia Pac, Japan and Australia.The Crisis caused shockwaves and sent panic to the other neighbouring countries causing shares to drop sharply over a short period of time. Commercial Banks, investment banks, investors and people suffered great losses resulting in certain foreclosure or even bankruptcy. Large amount of loan was also taken from hedge funds to assist banks that are falling apart. When banks fell from its former glory, tons of people lost their jobs and banks became more cautions when dealing with any loans to business, properties or even to other banks.Traditionally, banks would go deep into analysing every single loan applicant, from their credit scores, to their employment details, net disposable income and even to check their ability to pay of f their mortgage loans before financing the applicant with sufficient funds to purchase their desirable property. Thorough checks had to be done before granting them with the loans as some of the applicants that came forward may have high probabilities of defaulting their loan or would leave for other competitions for loan which would eventually cause a property downturn in the market.These methods were often the safest choice but banks were restricted to their growth. The traditional methods were soon discarded by the newer generations. Hence, the newer generation were willing to take higher risk loans for higher revenues. Assuming that prices for property continue to appreciate, they would be enjoying higher profits thus willingly offered larger amount of loans at low interest rates to the borrowers. Before subprime mortgage was implemented, prime mortgages were sold to banks investors which they would bundle them up as CDOs and sell it to outside investors after securitising it.S ecuritization became a demand as it provides the opportunity for rating agencies to rate, or in another words to repackage or beautify those poor credit score investment assets from the collateral pool into AAA grade credit score investment assets. Investors whom are not well versed with these bundled subprime mortgages called the CDO were exposed to high risk investment unknowingly as they assumed that what they were handling was a group of people who have good credit scores.As banks at wallstreets began to greed, mortgage underwriting standards de-proved during this period where the banks failed in these 3 sectors; Failure to examine if the borrowers is able to repay the amount, implemented automated loan approval (which allows users to get through even without proper documentations) and fabricating information or fraud by both banks and applicants. This simply showed how devious and irresponsible the banks were when they try to gain huge profits through the loopholes of the poor standard mortgage underwritings over a short period of time.Studies showed that the difference between normal prime mortgage interests declined greatly comparing to subprime mortgages as Subprime mortgages offer better returns than the normal prime mortgages. The rise of the property increase greatly until the subprime mortgages began to default; after repaying of the first two years, Federal interest rate rose and adjusted. Subprime loaners soon encounter difficulties in refinancing their houses due to ARMs, which eventually led to foreclosure after a few warning letters.As the bank investors included Subprime mortgages, which are defaulted, in the CDOs they are dealing to the outside investors. The outside investors soon suffer losses as the CDOs became worthless over a short period of time and U. S property’s prices dipped as more foreclosure occurred. Economy was affected as few of these U. S. banks such as e. g. Peter Lehman which was refused by the Federal government to be bail out; Bear Stearns, an investment bank, which was acquired by J. P. Morgan Chase lost US$1. billion; Washington Mutual was closed by the US Government their assets was bought over by J. P Morgan Chase. With reference to President Obama speech on his take on banks â€Å"Too big to fail†, â€Å"The American people who are already struggling in their own right were forced to rescue financial firms facing crisis largely of their own creation†. The actual meaning of such is that the tax payers have become the safety net of the financial institutions which went into crisis and the tax payers are paying off their debt on behalf of them.President Obama also states that banks should not use tax payer’s money to trade for profit or abuse the funds coming from the tax payers as subsidy for investment. It is unfair to those tax payers as it will cause conflict of interest between the bank’s and the customers. President Obama also said that the Americans have to cut down on their luxuries to help in this crisis. The parties that are responsible for the crisis are, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers Investment Bank, Merrill Lynch & Co and AIG. Bear Stearns used to be a conservative firm and see conservation as a defensive move.Eventually, they are discovered of risking the hedge funds for higher turn-over which they miscalculated investing huge amount (without setting aside a sum for event risk) in CDOs and insuring Credit default swaps (CDS) bonds in a short period of time and the cash back was too slow for them to have a turnover in time of crisis which brought them to their failure. To put it in a simpler way, they purchase CDOs that are deemed to be rated â€Å"AAA† by rating firms, sells them to investing banks (usually in bundles and at the cheaper rates) and then again sells them to investors.This allows the bank to free itself from the principles and interests they are getting for the borrowers gaining lump sum from the investor s, called Mortgage backed securities. The CDS bonds works with 3 parties which are the CDS buyer, the bond issuer and the CDS seller. Assuming that if bond defaults when the CDS issuer is unable to pay back the principle and the interests at the maturity date, the CDS buyer may pay a certain amount of interest to the CDS seller (for instances, Bear Stearns) to purchase a CDS as an insurance for the invested amount.Therefore, if the bond issuer is unable to pay up, the CDS buyer that made his purchase of CDS with the CDS seller will be compensated by the CDS Seller. This strategy is known as the absolute return strategy, if everything flows smoothly and economic continues to boom, which was not the case. Problem began to arise when the subprime mortgages didn’t work out and property value dipped tremendously. When the property price dipped, Bear Stearns managers realised that they do not have sufficient funds to protect the losses.It’s a domino effect when public was en lightened of Bear Stearns crisis. They started selling the bonds at lower price to fund their losses and more bonds are sold when they realise that the losses increase exponentially causing the price of the subprime bonds to drop tremendously and eventually led to the down fall of Bear Stearns. Soon after the downfall of Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers filed the largest amount of debt throughout the history, debt of $619 Billion dollars. As the U.S government refuses to bail them out, Lehman Brother, one of the few largest banks in U. S. faces their downfall and sent 25,000 Americans jobless. This tremor caused by Bear Stearns directly result in the decreasing value of CDOs prices day by day. CDS bond causes banks to fail as more and more defaults are happening. Subsequently, it led to the bank liquidity issues and went into a credit crunch while being unable to sell their CDOs to sufficiently assist the losses they face.Lehman’s stocks plunged as investors pull out on them and their liquidity pool depletes. Lehman then tries to sell their firm to prevent further losses but potential partners turned them down as such, led to their bankruptcy. Right after the downfall of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers Investment Bank, Merrill Lynch & Co followed up, facing the crisis as they are into generating commissions, subprime loans, CDOs and such which are similar with what Bear Stearns and Lehman brother dealt with.On top with what they are dealing with, they took an extra path by providing loans to investors for the purchase of their bundle of CDOs right after they have been securitized. Some of the CDOs are even brought over from nonbank institutions and sent for a much risky asset backed securitization (ABS), before providing more loans to the investors for the purchase of the bond. This was also the reason why Merrill Lynch was able to survive as they are the most aggressive when dealing with subprime market.Merrill was the investment banks that make the high est amount of loans to any nonbanks as long as they sell the mortgages to Merrill eventually. Before Merrill falls, they actually tried to get Bear Stearns to pay them back the $850 million from the hedge funds which Bear loans hoping to make a turn over. However, the hedge funds collapsed and started the economic crisis. It was when Lehman brothers was still struggling, the government refuses to bail them out but instead requested The Bank of America to buy over Merrill Lynch as they see them both a potential assistance to the subprime crisis.Merging Merrill Lynch and Bank of American, it made them the ninth largest corporation in the world and presently called the Bank of American Merrill Lynch. American International Group Inc (AIG) was the largest insurance company that grew aggressively in U. S. The problems arise when AIG started to lose money in the investment they dealt with like CDOs, CDS, Pool of subprime mortgages and pool of Alt-A mortgages. Without a doubt they were ear ning a huge amount of premium incomes from their invested products, they came crashing when the prices of the properties falls.Increasing rate of foreclosure and amount of the loan pools it had insured cannot be leveraged and realized that their company do not have enough money for pay-outs. The Securities and Exchange Commission also found out that AIG had got low integrity as they shifted from the main balance sheet to the off balance sheet to cover up the problem. There weren’t transparency as the company tries to move or shift the amount that was supposed to be shown on the main balance sheet to the written off balance sheet, abusing the loopholes of the off balance sheet to beautify the main ones.They suffered the largest amount of losses when the rating firm’s such as Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s Investors Service and Fitch Ratings Inc lower the company’s rating. AIG was already on the edge of bankruptcy when all the counterparties started to d emand for their cash which they do not have. AIG was greedy and irresponsible and failed to assure that there was enough fund to pay-out all the insured parties. The U. S Government cannot let AIG fall as they are one of the largest insurance company, if they were to declare bankrupt, U.S will fall into a financial crisis and the insurance regulator will have to take over the firm and compensate the insured and it would create a tighter credit market for consumers and businesses trying to get loans. Thus, the U. S government cannot allow the economy to go down any further, they will have to use the tax payer’s money as a safety net to bail AIG out. Credit rating agencies such as Standard & Poor’s (S&P) have been reprimanded as they are also one of the crucial groups of people that contributed to the subprime crisis.They handled complex securities such as the MBS and CDO which are from the loaners with bad credit scores and rated them highly so it could be sold to the i nvestors. The underrated MBS and CDOs that the investors purchase caused them to suffer great losses. It comes hand in hand, as without the rating agencies doing, the bank would not be able to resell the CDOs and MBS. It was ridiculous as a subprime loaner with a bad credit score can be securitized and rated as AAA ratings. It was also said that part of the revenue that the banks got from selling the CDOs and MBS are shared to the agencies.Competitions happened between different rating agencies as all of the wants to enjoy the high influx of revenue which eventually caused the rating standard to drop tremendously due to the conflict of interests. A source from (from where) also states that due to the low standardization in the ratings from the agencies, the AAA CDOs and MBS that went through securitizations doubled the amount as it used to be. As rating the CDOs and MBS is the rating agencies job, they are not held responsible for the compensations to the investors as ratings, was only a piece of advice from them to make references to.TO sum it up, investment banks was unable to rectify the illusion of how property value would climb continuously thus causing a domino effect that ultimately caused their downfall. When there is rise, there will always be a fall. As the bank did not foresee such circumstances affecting the prices of property, hence continued with the high-risk-loans to everyone and anyone that applies for a grant to purchase a property. It all falls into place when rating agencies started lowering their rating standard to compete with their competitions due to favouritism of their own interests.

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Terri Schiavo Should NOT Have Been Kept Alive Essay

Terri Schiavo Should NOT Have Been Kept Alive Does a written document such as a living will decide when someone should die or should the verbal wishes of the incapacitated person be followed if known? Such as the controversy over when life begins, we now face the ultimate question of when does life end. In 1990, Terri Schiavo, a young Florida woman suffered a heart attack caused by bulimia leaving her brain without oxygen for six minutes. According to medical opinions, she has limited involuntary physical movement. She has remained in a persistent vegetative state ever since. Terri did not have a living will or medical directive in place at the time of her heart attack. Michael Schiavo, Terri’s husband, has repeatedly sought the†¦show more content†¦Their wish is to seek rehabilitation therapy for their daughter in hopes she can regain a normal life. The Schindler’s maintain Michael Schiavo is abusive and neglectful of his wife’s medical condition. Furthermore, they claim he wishes her death so he can inherit her remaining estate. It is their wish to be granted guardianship over her medical care and financial estate (Martinez Kampert, 2003). Additionally, the Schindlers impassioned pleas to save their daughters life to the residents of Florida resulted in more than 100,000 communications to Governor Jeb Bush requesting he sign legislation making it illegal to remove Terri’s feeding tube. As a result the governor intervened and signed â€Å"Terri’s Law† allowing her feeding tube to be reinserted. As recently as October 2004, Governor Bush stated â€Å"I personally dont want to be a party to removing a feeding tube that causes us to take an innocent life† (Bell, 2004). However emphatically the Governor supports this law, the Florida Supreme Court denied his request to reconsider it’s ruling in favor of removing Terri’s feeding tube. The date for removal has not been set. The Value of Life Most of us in the course of a lifetime will be confronted in our own families with difficult choices on matters of life and death. There are many opinions on when life begins and now it also seems as to when life ends. Does life end when a person takes their last breath, is it

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Forms of Sexual Harassment A Case Study - 651 Words

Under federal law there are two distinct forms of sexual harassment (Paul, 1990). The first form is known as quid pro quo harassment and in order for an action of this form to be successful there must be involvement by a supervisor or other person in authority. The fact that Sam, the alleged harasser, is in a supervising position raises the possibility that his behavior toward Paula may be considered quid pro quo sexual harassment. The fact that Paula has reportedly requested that Sam stop approaching her relative to their continuing a romantic relationship establishes the first element of a quid pro quo action. The second element arises by virtue of the fact that Paula has requested a transfer to another department outside the control and authority of Sam and Sam has apparently blocked Paulas request. Under the requirements of a quid pro quo action the victims terms of employment or decisions regarding his or her employment must be affected (Brase, 2001). Sams decision to block Paul as transfer certainly qualifies. In defense of his action to block Paulas transfer Sam has argued that such transfer might endanger Paulas unborn child because the chemicals that are used in the requested department have been shown to be harmful to fetuses. Sams claim may be legitimate; however, his mere assertion would not qualify as a justifiable reason for denying the transfer. Sam is certainly not a medical expert and, unless such claims are documented by a proper authority outside theShow MoreRelatedSexual Harassment At The Workplace1697 Words   |  7 PagesSexual Harassment in the Workplace Eva L. Mendez-Zacher MG260, Business Law I 28 September 2014 Dr. Anita Whitby Abstract I’m conducting a study on Sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment is possible in all social and economic classes, ethnic groups, jobs and places in the community. Through this study I hope to clarify the common misconception that sexual harassment is an isolated female problem. Although the majority of the cases reported are in fact male on femaleRead MoreSexual Harassment At The Workplace1270 Words   |  6 PagesManagement and Leadership TOPIC of INTEREST: Sexual Harassment in the (Army) Workplace The main significance of this proposal is to bring to light a review of the sexual harassment that takes place at the workplace. Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination that violates the equality of human rights in the workplace. These are very unfortunate incidences that still occur in a manner that is unrestrained. In this section, sexual harassment is going to be defined first. Furthermore, emphasisRead MoreSexual Harassment At The Workplace1697 Words   |  7 Pages Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Eva L. Mendez-Zacher MG260, Business Law I 28 September 2014 Dr. Anita Whitby Abstract I’m conducting a study on Sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment is possible in all social and economic classes, ethnic groups, jobs and places in the community. Through this study I hope to clarify the common misconception that sexual harassment is an isolated female problem. Although the majority of the cases reported are in fact male on femaleRead MoreThe Definition Of Ethical Integrity1513 Words   |  7 Pagesrapid, turbulent, and often strained developments in the relationship between men and women, and employers and employees. Contrary to public opinion, both men and women can become victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault. This paper will address some of the issues linked with sexual harassment and sexual assault in the working environment. In centuries past work, conditions in the workplace for women became so bad that the government had to intervene. New laws and organizations were initiatedRead MoreCase Study: Harassment at Brademore Electric1732 Words   |  7 PagesRunning head: CASE STUDY: HARASSMENT AT BRADEMORE ELECTRIC Harassment at Brademore Electric Albert Balogun California Baptist University BUS 520A: Managerial Ethics Jim Bishop, PhD June 16, 2010 Harassment at Brademore Electric The purpose of this paper is to analyze briefly key issues involved in sexual harassment in workplaces using a case study titled ‘Harassment at Bradmore Electric’ as the basis of the analysis. PriorRead MoreSexual Harrasment Prevention Essay741 Words   |  3 PagesSexual Harassment Prevention BA411 Training and Development Grantham University Gustavo A. Hernandez 1. Create 2 more SMART goals for this training. Identify Different Types of Sexual Harassment Specific: Trainees will become familiar and aware of the many different forms that sexual harassment comes in. Measurable: Trainees will obtain knowledge on the following topics on sexual harassment: Harassing Conduct, Sexual Joking, Sexist Words, Sexist Behavior, Sexual Advances, and RequestsRead More Disclosure in Work Environments Essay1342 Words   |  6 PagesBarnett, Cochran and Taylor explored significant relations between the openness of communication between management and employees in a previous study (1993). These researchers found that employees expressed concerns and the level of internal disclosures by employees in the study (Barnett et al., 1993). Barnett, Cochran and Taylor also found in their study that external whistle blowing may lead to â€Å"negative publicity, regulatory investigations, and legal liability issues† (1993). Trying to holdRead MoreThe Rationale For The Choice Of Title Essay1667 Words   |  7 PagesTitle The title of this training program is â€Å"Say No to Sexual Harassment†. Sexual harassment means undesirable or unwelcome sexual conduct which makes people feel annoyed, embarrassed or scared (University of Minnesota 2015). Normally, female employees are most likely to be the pity victims of sexual harassment. However, male employees can be the victims too. Appendix 5 shows the snapshot of statistics about sexual harassment in the workplace. For most female today, it is importantRead MoreMedia Exposure Has Influenced An Individual s Opinion1476 Words   |  6 Pagessomehow see their own opinions reflected back’†. Sexual harassment is defined as â€Å"unwanted, sex-related comments and behaviors that are appraised as offensive exceedingly available coping resources, or threatening (Buchanan, Rederstorff, Settles, 2005).† It is also unwelcomed attention in a sexual nature through verbal or physical interaction. It can occur in in high schools, in the workplace, neighborhoods, and the internet (Fogarty, 2006). Sexual harassment can happen to anyone, anywhere. It is notRead MoreEssay about Sexual Harassment in the Workplace625 Words   |  3 PagesSexual Harassment is a growing problem in todays workplace. This paper will establish the signs and causes of harassment. and the growing number of cases through statistics and actual cases. What exactly is sexual harassment? Many people cannot actually define the term properly and give reasons. Many misconceptions of harassment have been conceived. The term sexua l harassment is defined in legal terms, Sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual advance or conduct on the job that creates an

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The Dangerous Combination of the Media and the...

The Dangerous Combination of the Media and the Weight-Loss Industry Abstract: Excessive use of diet pills by American women stems from the idea that thinness is ideal. This ideal is unlikely to change in the near future, so the use of diet pills and other unhealthy fat diets is likely to increase. If women remain unaware of the health risks associated with the use and abuse of these unregulated drugs, rates of illness and even death are also likely to increase. In 1997, the use of diet pills directly caused seventeen deaths (Cohen). Medical professionals speculate that many other deaths are indirectly related to weight-loss drugs. FDA regulation of natural substances such as ephedrine and caffeine would alleviate widespread use†¦show more content†¦Since elimination of diet pill advertisements is unlikely, measures should be taken to limit the use of these drugs. FDA regulation of natural substances such as ephedrine and caffeine is one plausible method of reducing the abuse of diet pills. Advertisement of diet pills generally entails one or both of two appeals: their quick fix strategy, and their composition of natural substances. Magazine advertisement of Hydroxycut, which can be found in many womens magazines, focuses on the first method. At first glance, the full-page ad presents a young woman, obviously pleased with the effects of the treatment. Beside her smiling facade are photographs comparing her figures before and after taking the pills. The before image depicts an unhappy, overweight, unfit, pale, disheveled individual. In contrast, the after photo shows a happy, thin, fit, tan, made-up woman. Above these pictures, in bold type, is the quotation, Losing 31 pounds was so easy with Hydroxycut! Under this statement, the advertisement claims that Hydroxycut helps you lose fat fast. Without further analysis of the ad, the average reader turns the page believing that use of Hydroxycut transforms women from average to ideal. However, closer examination of the advertisement illuminates the falsity of this thought. Comparison of the before and after images reveals numerous techniques thatShow MoreRelatedThe Importance Of Health Promotions In Public Health1148 Words   |  5 Pagesprofessional relationship, there is growing mistrust in the capacity of healthcare professionals to consult on obesity, particularly in pharmacists. An Australian study found that most consumers believed pharmacist motivations in providing advice on weight loss products was associated with gaining profit from selling a product and furthermore communicated concern about the potential bias present in that exchange (Um et al, 2012). Furthermore, patients believed pharmacist lacked the expertise or time toRead MoreMedia’s Blow on Anorexia1054 Words   |  5 Pagesevery person loves, so cial media. The media realm needs to be ceased from the websites that support dieting, celebrities displaying perfectionist bodies, and the social media world: their main victim to such disease are young teens. In particular media plays a role in anorexia in young teens because of social media and celebrities, the model industry, and the â€Å"thigh gap†. The first stance that media plays a role in anorexia in young teens is because of the social media realm and celebrities. ExpertsRead MoreWeight Loss Research Project Essay1602 Words   |  7 Pages45 percent of Americans set a goal every year to achieve weight loss/fitness. Of that 45 percent, and just under half of Americans still maintain their New Year’s Resolution (Hub Pages). The question is why is weight-loss so important in America? There are many answers and factors that play into figuring out the equation. One factor is the increase of obesity in our country year in and year out. Other key factors is the impact of media on our culture to look slim and be sexy, and even children’sRead MoreYou re Not The Ideal Body Image, Who The Fuck Cares? Essay1736 Words   |  7 Pagesaround the world, like eating disorders, it is seen most commonly in women, but many men also suffer from the disorder. Family life can sometimes influence our body image. Some parent s or coaches might be too focused on looking a certain way or making weight for a sports team. Family members might struggle with their own body image or criticize their kids looks (why do you wear your hair so long? or how come you can t wear pants that fit you?). This can all influence a person s self-esteem, especiallyRead MorePressures of Being Thin2074 Words   |  9 Pagesto go through, and many girls go through these years constantly trying to make others like them. While these young girls read fashion magazines and watch television, they are exposed to what the articles, pictures and the media think how they should look. Even though mass media does not take full responsibility, advertising influences young girls to develop eating disorders because they feel pressure to stay thin and ads use thin women to promote beauty products and diet supplements. Here areRead MoreA Brief Note On Anorexia And Bulimia Nervosa1561 Words   |  7 Pagesthemselves and potentially leading to dangerous eating disorders. Certain factors and beliefs of western culture, including the obsession with thinness, influence of the media, and society s backlash against feminism, all play a critical role in contributing to these life-threatening illnesses. Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are two of the most common eating disorders. In both of these disorders, the sufferer may experience a fear of gaining weight and dissatisfaction with body appearanceRead MoreObesity Epidemic Of The United States1489 Words   |  6 Pagesbehaviors being passed down from parents. Along with becoming obese at a younger age, children are also suffering the complications of obesity at younger age. Over weight children are more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, and cancer. These conditions in children are on the rise as well. Over weight children have double the chances of of becoming overweight adults, because as there body adapts to store more fat, they increase their fat cells, and we are not sureRead More Regulating Dietary Supplements Essay2107 Words   |  9 PagesStates take vitamins, minerals, herbs, or other supplements (Schardt 2). Due to media advertising, dietary supplements are becoming more popular. Companies compete to have the best supplements. It is said that forty percent of American adults take vitamin supplements and over the counter products, which total in several billion dollars (Farley 2). Although many of the supplements claim to be healthy and help lose weight, the dangers are endless. Dietary supplements can be illegally spiked and areRead More The Miracle Cure or Nightmare Drug? Essay3213 Words   |  13 Pagesshape, but who has either one of these virtues, let alone in combination? Recent developments in the biotechnological industry boast claims that there is now a way to lose weight, gain that perfect figure we all desire, and do it all with the simple drop of a pill into our bodies. These new weight-loss products are being adverti sed to shed â€Å"60 pounds in four weeks!† or some other, up until this point in time, ridiculous amount of weight in such a short time. What is the secret ingredient that theseRead MoreFad Diets Do Not Work For Long Term Weight Loss Essay1784 Words   |  8 Pagessome people to make extreme amounts of money by selling quick weight loss promises. These headlines beg the question if these diets indeed work, why is obesity such a problem in our country? Fad diets are everywhere; in the aisle at the supermarket, on the television infomercials, and Internet pop-up advertisements. Everywhere someone is saying you are fat, and here is how you fix it. Fad diets do not work for long term weight loss because they are a short-term fix used to treat a long-term problem

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Houstons Light Rail System free essay sample

This paper examines the plans to introduce a light rail system in Houston, Texas. This paper is an analysis of the planning and implementation of the proposed light rail system for Houston, TX. The paper details why the community feels that there is a need for this system and some of the factors that contributed to the decision to build it, including the feeling that this system would bring the 2012 Olympics to Houston. The paper also points out the areas increasingly being recognized as a world leader in medical treatment and research and the large number of famous personalities that visit the area as a result. Houstons unparalleled growth over the past two decades has also increased the need for this system and made it even more evident in recent years. The paper concludes by summarizing the many positive affects that this rail system could have on the city and the surrounding areas. We will write a custom essay sample on Houstons Light Rail System or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The Houston Light Rail System is a beginning of a solution to one of the oldest and unresolved problems in the city of Houston, traffic. Due to the distance of Houstons surrounding annexes, the rail system can offer a cost efficient commuting network. Only the ones, who have driven in the Houston rush hour traffic, can realize the extent of this problem. Multiple traffic jams are a part of every ones life that live and work in Houston. Everyday, those who travel on the Houston freeways during rush hours can look forward to congested traffic without exception, twice a day. On the weekends, Houstonians are still faced with road construction that usually blocks at least four of the lanes on a six-lane highway. Traveling 10 miles and seeing no road construction on any major Houston highway is very rare. In Houston, it is not unusual to see motorist driving on shoulders or mediums, to escape the traffic.Motorists who do this usually are faced with two dilemmas. One is they often find out the shoulder gets traffic jams just like the freeways, and they usually have a fine to pay.

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Jodi Arias free essay sample

Jodi Arias was accused of shooting and stabbing her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in Mesa Arizona, June 2008. Travis Alexander, a 30-year-old businessman, well-known motivational speaker and devout Mormon. With a single gunshot to the right brow and being stabbed 29 times, Travis was then left for dead in a stand up shower in his bathroom for several days. When Arias was questioned by the police she stated that she had not seen Travis since April of 2008. She then claimed she had seen two men kill him, then eventually saying that she killed him out of self-defense (Warren, 2013). According to Arias, the dysfunction of their relationship reached its climax when she killed Alexander in self-defense after he became enraged following a day of sex and a gun accident, forcing her to fight for her life. This was the third different account of how Alexanders death had occurred that Arias had offered police, which both prosecutors and observers felt severely damaged Arias credibility as a witness, a sentiment later echoed by jurors upon the completion of the guilt phase. We will write a custom essay sample on Jodi Arias or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Arias also mention they had split up, but Alexander would still invite Arias to his house for sex. Investigators found a camera at the crime scene which had damaging evidence time stamped on photos left on the cameras hard drive, detectives found Alexander’s clothes, sheets, and pillow case in the washer. Also, found the washing machine was the cameras memory card. With positive DNA samples and hair matching Jodi Arias at the crime scene Arias was arrested for the murder of Travis Alexander. In September 2008, Arias was given a public defender and she then pleaded not guilty at her arraignment. In October 2008 the Maricopa County Attorney’s office filed a notice of intent to seek the death penalty against Arias. The Maricopa County Superior court then accused Jodi Arias of First-degree murder â€Å"in an especially cruel, heinous or depraved manner. † This began one of the biggest criminal proceedings since Casey Anthony. Arias told Judge Sherry Stephens she wanted to represent herself. The request was granted but Arias Public defenders Kirk Nurmi and Victoria Washington stayed on the case. Defense attorney Kirk Nurmi argued Jodi Arias acted in self- defense after their relationship became sexual and physically abusive (Arizona Central, 2013). Arias defense attorneys requested that the death penalty be taken off as a punishment due to the defense she did not plan to kill Travis Alexander it was an act of self-defense. This motion was denied. Nurmi tried to enter in electronic letters into evidence to back his case, these letters supposedly had proof of Travis Alexander allegedly admitting being a pedophile. This evidence was dismissed due to it being forged. This delayed the trial for three weeks. In January 2011 Victoria Washington filed a motion to withdraw from the Arias’ case. With the motion being granted, Jennifer Willmott was then assigned to the case. Willmott questioned Arias on the stand for 19 days and handled the witnesses for the defense which ended up with Willmott discrediting Janeen DeMarte a clinical psychologist a state witness (Arizona Central, 2013). In January 2013, opening arguments began. Deputy County Attorney Juan Martinez, a prosecutor known for his gamesmanship, asked the jury to sentence Jodi Arias to death. In his opening statements Jan. 2, 2013, he told the jury that Arias first stabbed Travis Alexander, then slit his throat and put a bullet in his head after he was already dead. Martinez painted a picture of an attractive but jealous woman who murdered a successful man who was trying to break ties with her. His conduct during the trial came under scrutiny of defense attorneys when he was shown in the media posing for pictures with trial spectators outside the courthouse (Arizona Central, 2013). During the trial Juan Martinez tries to get a jurisdictional rule passed against Arias’ use of text messages during the case. The rule was not passed due to lack of evidence and Freedom of speech. Ryan Burns a former love interest of Jodi Arias testified on June 5, 2008 Arias was several hours late arriving home, she told him that she got lost and stopped to rest. Arias had dyed her hair and had cuts on her hands. Arias mentioned she had cut them while working at Margaritaville Resturant, she had broken a glass and cut her finger. They settled down to watch a film together and soon got physical, he told the court at some point we were talking and we kissed, he said. Every time we started kissing it got a little more escalated (Warren, 2013). At some point she was kissing my neck, I was kissing hers, but our clothes never came off. Burns said they resumed their kissing later that night when she climbed on top of him, but they stopped as he did not want her to regret the visit due to her Mormon beliefs about sex. Burns, who is also a Mormon, was unaware that just 24 hours earlier, she had been posing provocatively for photographs later found on her murdered ex-boyfriends camera. On the stand the prosecutor asked about Arias strength, Burns replied, ‘she is a lot strong than she looks† (Warren, 2013). Penalty phase began on May 16, 2013, when prosecutors called Alexanders family members to offer victim impact statements, in an effort to convince the jury that Arias’ crime merited a death sentence. On May 21, 2013, Arias offered an allocution, during which she pleaded for a life sentence. Arias acknowledged that her plea for life was a reversal of remarks she made to a TV reporter shortly after her conviction, when she said she preferred the death penalty. Each time I said that, I meant it, but I lacked perspective, the former Arias said. Until very recently, I could not imagine standing before you and asking you to give me life. She said she changed her mind to avoid bringing more pain to members of her family, who were in the courtroom. At one point, she held up a white T-shirt with the word survivor written across it, telling the jurors that she would sell the clothing and donate all proceeds to victims of domestic abuse. She also said she would donate her hair to Locks of Love while in prison, and had already done so three times while in jail. That evening, in a joint jailhouse interview with The Arizona Republic, show, Arias said she didnt know whether the jury would come back with life or death. Whatever they come back with I will have to deal with it, I have no other choice. Regarding the verdict she said It felt like a huge sense of unreality, I felt betrayed, actually, by the jury. I was hoping they would see things for what they are. I felt really awful for my family and what they were thinking. (Warren, 2013) On May 23, 2013, the sentencing phase of Arias’ trial resulted in a hung jury, prompting the judge to declare a mistrial for that phase. CNN reported the vote was 8 to 4 in favor of death (Shoichet, 2013). After the mistrial was declared and the jury discharged, the jury foreman stated that he believed Arias was mentally abused, but that had not been enough to excuse her crime. He also said, I think 18 days hurt her, I think she was not a good witness. Were charged with presuming innocence, right? But she was on the stand for so long, there were so many contradicting stories. He said the jury found the responsibility of weighing the death sentence overwhelming, but were horrified when their efforts ended in a mistrial. By the end of it, we were mentally and emotionally exhausted, he said. I think we were horrified when we found out that they had actually called a mistrial, and we felt like we had failed. (Shoichet, 2013) On May 30, 2013, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery discussed the next steps at a news conference. He said he was confident an impartial jury could be seated, but it was possible that lawyers and the victims family could agree to scrap the trial in favor of a life sentence with no parole. Arias had said I dont think there is an untainted jury pool anywhere in the world right now. Thats what it feels like. But I still believe in the system to a degree, so well just go through that if that happens. Defense attorneys responded If the diagnosis made by the States psychologist is correct, the Maricopa County Attorneys Office is seeking to impose the death penalty upon a mentally ill woman who has no prior criminal history. It is not incumbent upon Ms. Arias defense counsel to resolve this case. (Arizona Central, 2013) As of April 25, 2013, defense costs had reached almost $1. 7 million, paid by taxpayers. The penalty phase of the trial is ongoing. A tweet sent on Arias behalf indicated she may be considering a plea deal. On October 22, 2013, Arias filed a motion requesting that Nurmi be replaced as her lead counsel. Arias met with the prosecution to discuss a settlement on October 24, 2013. I was like the rest of the country, I was infatuation with this trial. I would get up every morning at 5:30 to catch the trial before work. I can remember thinking of all the technologies that were used in this trial from DNA to computer science. Detectives collected hair, DNA, writing samples, a camera hard drive, and a memory card that Jodi attempted to completely destroy by putting it in the washing machine among many other pieces of evidence, if technology were not used in the detective work of this case Jodi Arias may have gotten away with murder.